IST Staff Profile - Paul Batty

Name/Age: Mr Paul Batty, 40

IST Position: Testing Services Manager

Specialities: Metallurgy, shot-peening, fatigue & static testing, failure analysis

How long have you worked at the IST?
Since 1991, 22 years

What event most changed your life?
The birth of my children, Sophie & Olivia

What do you do to relax?
I like to unwind after work by playing with my children, it's nice to regress to childhood for a couple of hours

What's never missing from your fridge?
It should be beer, but it's usually cheese

Do you do any sports?
Golf (but only twice a year, despite IST clients accusing me of being a bandit)

Where have you never been but would like to visit?

Have you got a secret wish?
I'm lucky enough to have fulfilled my wishes, but winning the lottery wouldn't go amiss

What did you dream of being as a child?
A policeman or a PE Teacher

What would make you happy?
See question "Have you got a secret wish"

Who's your hero?
My parents because they gave me a great childhood

What's your motto?
Enjoy life

What's your favourite dish?
A nice, spicy curry (but not too hot)

And your favourite song?
Bruno Mars – The lazy song

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