Adding a Company Logo to SCP Printouts

One of the questions that we're asked about Spring Calculator Professional is whether the Production Drawings that are available within the program can contain a company logo.

Well, the answer is yes, and in this article I'll show you how.

First of all, where does the Logo appear on the finished documents?

For most of the outputs, the logo appears against the name and address details on the final print out or PDF export:

It won't show on the screen view – just on the final output. The one exception to this is the Production Drawing, where the logo appears at the lower left of the drawing and is visible on the screen view as well as the output.

What do you need?

• A Logo image in either JPG or GIF format. Note that the software will NOT recognise PNG files.

• An account on the PC on which the software is installed that will permit you to modify files in the Windows\Program Files or Windows\Program Files (x86) folders.

The logo file should be of a reasonable size – the one in the example above is 250 x 160 [pixels at 96DPI and is adequate for most purposes. If you want the highest quality of printed image, you should create the image at 300DPI and adjust the size accordingly.

Adding the Logo

If you are currently using the software, shut down Spring Calculator Professional.

Create your logo, and name it CompanyLogo.jpg or CompanyLogo.gif (depending on whether it's a JPEG or GIF file).

Locate the folder that contains the installed files for IST Spring Calculator Professional. If you're not sure where the files are on your PC, Click on the 'All Programs' option your Start Menu and find the 'IST Spring Calculator Professional' folder. Open this up, then right-click on 'Spring Calculator Professional' and select 'Properties' from the menu. You should see something similar to:

We're interested in the 'Target' – this tells us where the program files for Spring Calculator Professional are to be found. In this case, they're found in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ISTSpringDesign\

The part of the path before 'ISTSpringDesign' may be different on your PC, depending upon the version of Windows.

Use Windows Explorer to navigate to this folder. If you cannot find the folder, or are denied access to it, you should seek help from your IT support people. The folder should contain several files, including the following:

Now copy the CompanyLogo file you created in to this folder. Again, if you get any 'Access Denied' messages you should seek the assistance of your IT support people.

Testing the Logo

Close down Windows Explorer and run Spring Calculator Professional.

If you see an error referring to illegal image format, there is an issue with the CompanyLogo file you created, so please check that it is a valid GIF or JPG file.

Otherwise SCP should run as normal, and the logo will now be available on all printouts.

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