TFC Offers More in Scotland

TFC is delighted to announce the acquisition of Scottish Premier Fasteners Ltd which was acquired on 9th August 2013 and will be integrated into the TFC Group becoming the TFC centre for quality industrial threaded fasteners in Scotland trading as TFC Scottish Premier Fasteners.

TFC Scottish Premier Fasteners (SPF) is based in Airdrie, to the East of Glasgow and close to the M8 which connects with Edinburgh just 35 miles away, and specialises in the supply of quality industrial threaded fasteners.

This move means that TFC is able to extend its already extensive footprint into Scotland and thus able to offer its customers National fastener logistics coverage. We are very pleased that TFC will now be able to offer their full range of Direct Line Feed and Vendor Managed services locally to both TFC and SPF customers in Scotland through TFC Scottish Premier Fasteners.

SPF was established in 1991 and developed into a broad based fastener and associated product distributor focused on the engineering industries of Scotland. SPF was founded by George Lawrie who will continue to run the business as General Manager under the TFC banner.

SPF has developed an excellent reputation for service and quality with its Scottish customers and it has expanded steadily. However with TFC support SPF will now be able to expand more quickly in order to meet all of its customers' demands.

SPF will continue to service its customers in Scotland as before but with the support of the TFC Group which will allow the SPF team to focus more on customer requirements than the back office demands of running an independent business. Support from the TFC wider team will enable benefits of scale improvements to IT, logistics, purchasing and quality and this will be witnessed by customers as further improvements to an already impressive service record.

TFC's Managing Director Morgan Burgoyne said "This is a great opportunity for our customers and for the TFC Group. SPF has developed huge loyalty from its customers who would like to buy more from them were it not for SPF's previous limitations as an independent. However we now have SPF's benefit of being a fully developed and mature business which is extremely well regarded by its customers combined with the access to TFC technology, products and skills which will create a world class fastener supplier for customers in Scotland."

The SPF integration into the TFC Group means that turnover will move beyond £20m over the coming year with TFC offering its customers full National logistics coverage and DLF services whilst still offering its renowned technical product range and technical support services throughout Europe. The TFC Group now has 6 customer service centres in Europe.

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