IST Staff Profile - Jade Welch

Name/Age: Jade Welch, 24

IST Position: IST Administrator

Specialities: Debt collection

How long have you worked at the IST?
Nearly 4 years

What event most changed your life?
Moving to Sheffield from London because it was the first major decision I made by myself

What do you do to relax?
I like to socialise with my family, watch TV and have my nails done!

What's never missing from your fridge?
Chocolate of course

Do you do any sports?

Where have you never been but would like to visit?
I'd really like to visit Thailand to go to the Full Moon parties

Have you got a secret wish?
Not really, but like many people I like to win the lottery!

What did you dream of being as a child?
A primary school teacher

What would make you happy?
See question, "Have you got a secret wish"

Who's your hero?
I don't really have one, but I admire anyone who's had a positive impact on the world

What's your motto?
C'est la vie

What's your favourite dish?

And your favourite song?
Stevie Wonder's, "Isn't She Lovely"

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