John Binns take on Apprentices

New Recruits

In addition to investing in the very latest production machinery, John Binns is investing in building the skilled workforce required in the modern manufacturing environment.  Over the last two months three new apprentices have been taken on.  It is hoped that they will develop into expert springmakers and become a valuable part of the John Binns’ team for the years ahead.

The apprentices, Tom Cox, Ryan Hoggarth and Tom Wright are aged between 16 and 18, are all from the local area and have already gained experience in various areas in the factory from working on the CNC machines and grinders, through to powdercoating and despatch.

Tom C is a keen footballer in his spare time, while Tom W enjoys cycling up in the Dales.  Ryan takes the sporting pedigree at John Binns to a new level, as he is ranked 3rd in the UK and 9th in the world for youth darts.

Further information on this and other news stories will be available on the John Binns’ website,

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