Staff at IST

Name/Age: Joe Pritchard, 52

IST Position: Software Engineer

Specialities: Most software platforms

How long have you worked at the IST?

2 and a bit years

What event most changed your life?

Finding my faith

What do you do to relax?

Read, write and I've recently started painting (badly)

What's never missing from your fridge?

Chicken for the cats

Do you do any sports?


Where have you never been but would like to visit?


Have you got a secret wish?


What did you dream of being as a child?

A pilot

What would make you happy?

I regard myself as being a content man and so more of the same will keep me happy

Who's your hero?

The physicist Richard Feynman

What's your motto?

Put your faith in God but keep your powder dry

What's your favourite dish?

Seafood paella

And your favourite song?

Hurt by Johnny Cash

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