Bridon returns to the Institute of Spring Technology


Most of you will be familiar with Bridon in one form or another as they have a history that can be traced back as far as 1789 in rope manufacture.

Of course these were fibre ropes and not steel but the principals of manufacture were very similar.

As steel forging became more advanced and common in rope applications Bridon, or British ropes as it was formerly know took its place as a steel wire and wire rope manufacturer.

It was in 1924 that British ropes consolidated under one name and not until 1974 that the name Bridon was created, which is a combination of “Bri” from British and “Don” from its primary location in Doncaster.

Bridon international is today a global business with 11 manufacturing locations and 17 sales and distribution centres worldwide and its long terms strategy is based around being a global technology leader for the manufacture and application of steel wire and wire rope.

Bridon have invested heavily in this strategy with the construction of the Bridon technology centre in Doncaster whose sole purpose is to work on developing new products and manufacturing techniques that will lead to the next generation of high carbon wires.

Bridon and the Institute of spring technology have an intertwined history with Bridon being one of the founding members in its formation almost 90 years ago. There have also been collaborative projects through the years and developments of unique and bespoke tests machines such as the FRACMAT.

Bridon have decided to return to the Institute of spring technology as they feel the some of the issues in spring industry at the moment, as highlighted by the IST are relevant to the work they are doing.

Andrew Garton, Bridon Wire Sector manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa said “We are always looking to develop our wire ropes performance and to do that we have had to put significant resource into developing our wires. This has led to a far better understanding of the effects of our production processes on the wires and in turn has enabled us to tailor these processes to achieve a more consistent and higher quality wire. This is in line with the Institute of Spring Technologies goal going forward and we felt our recent achievements in this area and the long term goals of the Institute of Spring Technology were aligned and we had an opportunity to share our learning”.

Adrian May, Managing Director of the IST said, “ It’s a pleasure to welcome Bridon Wire back into membership.  Strengthening the relationship between IST and members of the spring manufacturing supply chain is an important step in ensuring that advances in technology are communicated throughout the industry.


Bridon Wire invests in its processes and, as importantly, in its human resources and the company strives to achieve world-class manufacturing standards”, Adrian concluded.

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