Auto-enrolment legislation LEBC

Auto-enrolment legislation is the biggest change in employer pension requirements in the last 20 years.


Auto-enrolment will affect most employees*. Systems are at the heart of delivering solutions, which are not only compliant but able to interface with both internal and external processes. Efficiency, speed, flexibility and security should be the cornerstone of all system solutions.

As Impartial Financial Advisers, LEBC Group has recently launched it’s æComply auto-enrolment system, which has been developed to be the one-stop solution for employers, both with and without existing pension schemes. LEBC Group has teamed up with IST to help employers fulfil all their regulatory responsibilities and adhere to all compliance rules.

To find out how aeComply can answer your auto-enrolment queries, please contact us at:






*anyone under 22 years of age does not have to be included and also anyone earning less than £9,440 (2013/2014) is not included in the auto-enrolment legislation.

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