Staff at IST - Chris

Name/Age: Chris Rushton

IST Position: Engineering Manager

Specialities:  Mechanical test machine build / calibration

How long have you worked at the IST?
First started back in 1982

What event most changed your life?
Getting married to Lynn in1983

What do you do to relax?
Motorcycling, walking, sitting in the garden

What's never missing from your fridge?
A cold can of Coke – to dilute the Dark Rum with.

Do you do any sports?

Where have you never been but would like to visit?
New Zealand

Have you got a secret wish?
– Yes, but it IS a secret!

What did you dream of being as a child?
Can’t remember.

What would make you happy?
Knowing that my daughter can live a happy life without being dependent on us.

Who's your hero?
No one in particular

What's your motto?
Trust – hard won but easily lost.

What's your favourite dish?
Most things which are not Seafood.

And your favourite song?
– Anything easy to listen to which is sung (no “rap”) and tells a story (ie ballads).

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