Collaborating for your company`s success


The professional reputation of The Institute of Spring Technology (IST) resonates across many industries that use related technologies. It is well recognised that the IST delivers value to industry through their diverse range of in house testing and comprehensive database for coil technologies and related components.


Like the IST, RAPRA is a not for profit membership association with a constitution that focuses on commercialising the latest technologies to help businesses grow successfully. RAPRA specialises in the use of all types of rubbers, plastics and any form of polymer based composite materials. Therefore in the interests of increased effectiveness and efficiency, it made sense that these organisations recently signed an Agreement to offer member and non-member companies access to an enhanced hub of information and technical expertise.


The two associations have many things in common, including their mutual goal to help industry grow by looking after their customers and member’s needs. Focusing on the rapid advancement of technologies, RAPRA and the IST provide excellent services through their prompt response to technical enquiries, making sure that communication obstacles are eliminated. Helping clients with innovation challenges remain their top priority.


This partnership aims to tackle the requirements of all industry sectors, not only capturing the difficulties faced when investing into Research & Development, but also preventing failures that can seriously damage a company’s reputation and bottom line. This reaffirms the determination of both organisations to help increase your company’s profit and develop your market share.


"At RAPRA, connecting to the best solution providers is what we do best and bridging the gap between Trade Associations, Government agencies, Universities and commercial facilities is essential to establish the conditions for business success. We look forward to sharing strengths and ideas with The Institute of Spring Technology and to achieve greater goals for everybody who wants to lead in the use of cutting edge technology and innovation."


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