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The articles listed below are from recent technical journals and may be of interest to Members. Copies are available from Margaret O’Malley at IST Headquarters.

Hayes, M. "’Cautionary Tale: Stainless Steel Turns 100 Years Old”, SPRINGS, 2014, 53, (1), pp 15-16 

Did you know stainless steel was invented 100 years ago in Sheffield, which is the headquarters town for IST?
The last cautionary tale discussed the oxide which forms naturally on stainless steel and how that oxide confers corrosion resistance. This prompted the idea that the various types of stainless steel should be described.


McCoy, G. "ROBOTS and the Spring Industry", SPRINGS, 2014, 53, (1), pp 19-25. 

The term “robot” conjures up a lot of images and ideas. Baby boomers might remember back to the days of Rosie, the household robot in the animated television show “The Jetsons” or HAL (Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer) 9000 in “2001: A Space Odyssey. ”While those types of robots are the lore of science fiction, they bear little resemblance to the ones being used in industrial manufacturing settings such as the spring industry, where wire is coiled to make springs or bent to form wire parts. This article will attempt to take robots from the realm of TV, books and movies into practical applications for manufacturing.


Macri, G.C., Vice President, Productivity Systems, Inc., "Flashback – Introduction to Robotics", SPRINGS, 2014, 53, (1), pp 27-31. 

An awareness of automation—including robotics —is necessary for springmakers who wish to remain competitive in the future. This article will provide a brief review of the development of robotics, the use of an initial survey, and qualification of operations suited for potential robotic operations.


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