IST Golf Day 2014 - the results


1st            Alpha Springs                                    (89 points) – back nine score 44 points

2nd          United Springs                                   (89 points) – back nine score 41 points

3rd           Helical Technology ‘A’                     (88 points)

4th           Helical Technology ‘B’                      (84 points)

5th           Clifford Springs                                  (83 points) – back nine score 44 points

6th           Jowitt Grinding Wheels                    (83 points) – back nine score 42 points

7th           Webster & Horsfall                           (78 points) Team of Three

8th           Lee Springs                                         (77 points) Team of Three

9th           IST                                                       (76 points) Team of Three

10th         IST 2nd / Performance                       (75 points)

11th         Reddifast                                             (71 points)

12th         Owen Springs                                     (63 points) Team of Three

13th         Associated Springs                             (57 points)


1st            Mike Gilmour                                     (37 points)           Clifford Springs

2nd           Alan Jones                                          (36 points)           Helical Technology ‘B’

3rd           Kevin Heyes                                        (35 points)           Alpha Springs

4th           Ian Burgess                                          (33 points)           Jowitt Grinding Wheels

5th           Tim Jones                                            (33 points)           United Springs

Longest Drive                                                   Richard Fisher     Helical Technology ‘B’

Nearest Pin                                                        Steve Winwright United Springs

2’s Club                                                           Stephen Cooney (Jowitts), Chris Petts (Lee Spings), Wayne Newman (IST 2nd Team)

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