Newly appearing technical articles - January 2015


The articles listed below are from recent technical journals and may be of interest to members. Copies are available from Margaret O’Malley at IST Headquarters.

Yamada, Y.  "TECHNICAL PAPER Part 1: Properties of high carbon steel wires drawn at extremely slow speeds”, WIRE JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL , December 2015, pp 58-64

The first part of this paper focuses on different aspects of high-tensile strenght wires and strain aging. The second part will focus on other factors, including static strain aging characteristics of cold-drawn, spheroidized annealed high-carbon steel wire.

High-carbon steel wires such as music spring wire, rope wire, pre-stressed concrete wire, steel tire cord, main cable wire for suspension bridges, etc., are produced via the patenting and cold-drawing process. Most of the energy consumed in drawing of high carbon steel wire is converted into heat, and the energy stored in cold-drawn wire is only a small portion of the total energy consumed.


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