Newly appearing technical articles - February 2015


The articles listed below are from recent technical journals and may be of interest to members. Copies are available from Margaret O’Malley at IST Headquarters.

Kirk, D. Dr. , Coventry University "Quantification of Shot Peening Intensity Rating”, The Shot Peener , Winter 2015, Volume 29, Issue 1, pp 24-32


This article is complementary to the previous TSP article - "Quantification of Shot Peening Coverage." As such, it considers the second of the two most important shot peening requirements specified by customers. "Peening Intensity" as a phrase is ambiguous, since the most engineering and scientific intensity quantities refer to something per unit area. (..)


Yamada, Y. "TECHNICAL PAPERS Part 2: Properties of high carbon steel wires drawn at extremely slow speeds”, WIRE JOURNAL, January 2015, pp 54-59

The first part of the paper focused on different aspects of high-tensile strenght wires and strain aging. This part focuses on other factors, including static strain aging characteristics of cold-drawn, spheroidized annealed high-carbon steel wire.

Effect of intermediate strain aging on final strain aging characterisics


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