Newly appearing technical articles - May 2015


The articles listed below are from recent technical journals and may be of interest to members. Copies are available from Margaret O’Malley at IST Headquarters.


DeFord, R., "All Things Springs",  Wire Forming Technology International , Spring 2015, p 18

The Variator Factor - Why Referenced Dimensions?

One of the more critical functions of Engineering is to assign tolerances for any given geometrical design. Another most important function for a Spring Designer is to explain to customers why certain dimensions need to be left as referenced.


Wright, R. N, Dr., "The Strength of Steel",  Wire Forming Technology International , Spring 2015, p 20

Annealing of Steel - Part 6 "Low Temperature Stress-Relief Annealing

In the last column, we considered basic stress-relief annealing, noting that residual stress arises any time there is nonuniform plastic flow or working. That is, once such working is finished, the workpiece is left with remaining stresses. (..)



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