Newly appearing technical articles - July 2015


The articles listed below are from recent technical journals and may be of interest to members. Copies are available from Margaret O’Malley at IST Headquarters.


Yoon, S., Min, G., See, S., Oh, S., "Recent Applications of a Heater Cover in Stelmor Cooling System",  WIRE JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL, May 2015, pp. 38-45

Since introduced in 1965, the Stelmor® cooling system has been used in a number of mills all over the world thank to its high production rate and low operation cost. However, there is inevitable temperatue difference between edge and center part in a coil ring caused by the mass density difference. This temperature difference generates mechanical property changes n standard Stelmor cooling system. To overcome these problems, a numerous approaches have been developed.


Henning, W. Official MFN Trainer, "Is Almenstrip Peening Nowadays Still State Of The Art?", MFN Metal Finishing New, Vol. 16, July Issue, Year 2015, p.54

(..) The quality and intensity of a shot peen process could be measured based on the introduced residual stresses. Unfortunately, these residual stresses can only be measured destructively in the component surface by centre-hole drilling of x-ray methods.
Instead of measuring the peening effect destructively in the part surface, it is alternatively possible to control the proper peening process without destroying the part.
John O. Almen patented a non-destructive method in 1944 that is more than 70 years later  still in use. The question that arises in our fast moving times in which we are living is, “Is this method which has been in use for 71 years either thoughtfully developed and the right method for this process or is this method now obsolete and should be discarded?”



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