IST have recently received Volume 60, 2015 of Bane Ronbunshu, the Transactions of the Japan Society for Spring Engineers (JSSE). The publication contains technical papers providing a record of recent theoretical and technological attainments in the Japanese Spring Industry, which were presented at the spring and fall meetings of JSSE.

Development of heat-resistant stainless steel with excellent spring properties for exhaust gasket by Y. Fukumura, M. Shibuya and Y. Shintani.

Improvement in fatigue limit by shot peening for high-strength steel containing crack-like surface defect (influence of stress ratio) by K. Takahashi, J. Yasuda, H. Koike and H. Okada.

Development of innovative method for measuring Young’s modulus in flexible circular rings (own-weight circular ring method) by A. Ohtsuki and G. Sho.

Residual stress measurement of stainless springs by X-ray 2D method by S. Nakashima, K. Nagasaka and J. Sugita.

Experimental study on the effect of coil spring reaction force vector on suspension system characteristics by S. Nishizawa, T. Nakamura, K. Furukawa, S. Moriyama, and R. Sato.

Technology of CAE and shape measurement for spiral spring by M. Kuno, K. Nono, T. Imia and S. Ichikawa.

Evaluation of delayed fracture properties in spring steels. Part II. Susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement for vanadium added spring steel by Research Committee on Evaluation of Delayed Fracture Properties in Spring Steels.

Study on fatigue diagrams of helical compression springs by Research Committee on Fatigue Diagrams of Helical Compression Springs.

Copies of these articles (which are written in Japanese but which have a brief English abstract) can be obtained by contacting Margaret O'Malley at IST (Tel: 44 (0)114 252 7982 or E-Mail

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