Lesjofors Banddetaljer Certification Provides Increased Efficiency and more Business

Lesjofors Banddetaljer is the seventh Lesjöfors Company is now certified towards the automotive industry´s quality standard ISO/TS 16949. Being certified means that the industry's stringent requirements now can be met and the business potential is already visible in the order books.

Lesjöfors Banddetaljer in Värnamo, Sweden produces stampings and strip components. 

The company is since a few months certified according to the automotive industry´s quality standard ISO/TS 16949. The certification process has been going on for a year in order to meet the market's increasingly tough demands on highest quality throughout the production chain.

Being certified does not only mean to produce the best possible product quality but also includes the introduction of highly efficient working methods regarding e.g. improvement measures and production optimization, says Jakob Lindquist, MD of Lesjöfors Banddetaljer in Värnamo.

Prepared for the future

The certification project has involved the entire staff in Värnamo and has helped to streamline both processes and organization. And success has been instant.

- We are already seeing a fantastic development in terms of inflow of new business. Many of our new customers are precisely companies in the automotive industry in Europe with demands on subcontractors with ISO/TS 16949. With this certification, we have sharpened our offering and have advanced our positions further, says Jakob Lindquist.

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