Spring Calculator goes mobile

IST is excited to announce that we are well on the way to developing a mobile app version of our Spring Calculator Software, to add to the existing range of standalone and web-based applications.

It will be initially available for tablets (both iOS and Android), and potentially for phones soon afterwards if there is enough interest.

We think this is an exciting new product that has the potential to change the way springs are designed. Imagine visiting a customer and being able to pull up a design you have previously saved on your desktop computer, or validate a new spring there and then.

The app allows you to validate and calculate a compression spring (including working positions), produce a load/length graph and a spring drawing. Designs can be saved online, and there are exciting plans for syncing these with other Spring Calculator products.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or taking part in our beta-test program, please contact Richard Dignall via r.dignall@ist.org.uk.

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