Spring suppliers welcome IAAF matching quality forum

Several prominent road spring manufacturers and suppliers have accepted the invitation to attend a forum to discuss the need for and practicality of a facility to allow technical and qualitative assessment of springs offered for sale in the UK automotive aftermarket.

The Independent Aftermarket Automotive Federation (IAAF) is holding the forum in co-operation with the Institute of Spring Technology (IST).  IST is the UK’s authoritative body for design, production and quality of springs used in a variety of industries and everyday products. IST also has world-wide recognition for its expertise in spring technology.

The aftermarket has been debating for some time the potential catastrophe of products offered for sale with self-certification as ‘matching quality’, when the necessary rigour in manufacturing and procurement cannot be properly assessed. The topic formed part of last December’s IAAF Conference, with delegates keen for the Federation to tackle the issue; this forum is one of the outcomes of that event.

More recently, some OE manufacturers have, with IAAF support, been advertising the benefit of using components with a demonstrable OE pedigree, and it is clear that the market is keen to have some confidence in the quality and provenance of the parts it sells and fits to the UK’s vehicles.

Several road spring manufacturers identified the value of an independent assessment of their products and have provided their views and experience to IAAF and IST in an initial feasibility study.

IAAF and IST are urging companies in the vehicle spring market to attend the forum meeting at the Federation’s offices in Birmingham at 10:30 a.m. on 10th July. 

The IAAF’s Brian Spratt commented, “We’ve had some important and revealing discussions with some companies and IST so far, but now the ideas need a wider debate. We feel sure companies supplying springs into the aftermarket will want to learn more and our forum on the 10th July will allow us to discuss the project in more detail. The aim is to identify a core of supportive companies willing to lead the aftermarket in giving customers confidence in our products.”

Companies wishing to attend the forum meeting should contact the IAAF office; telephone 0845 3131 506.

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