Lee Spring Donation to Formula Student Team at University of Liverpool


Engineering students taking part in the Formula Student racing car project at the University of Liverpool have benefitted from a donation of several torsion springs from Lee Spring UK. Formula Student is an international competition that sees student led teams around the world design, build, and race single seat racing cars. The University of Liverpool Motorsport team consists mostly of students working towards their Masters degree in Engineering.
"Lee Spring supplied torsion springs that are positioned in the pedal box assembly in the 2013 car, ULM008, and are used to return the pedals to position." Thomas Galea, ULM Team Member, Year 2 Mechanical Engineering MEng, University of Liverpool Motorsport says. "They are absolutely perfect for what we need."

Torsion springs are used for hinges, counterbalances and lever return applications and are commonly found in swing-down tailgates, garage doors and even clothes pegs. 

The torsion springs supplied are ideal for this application and are standard stock springs featured in the Lee Spring catalogue.

"The team relies on the support and generosity of our sponsors to compete in national and international competitions and we are very grateful for the springs and the support from Lee Spring." Thomas Galea adds.

Liverpool University Formula Student team competes in the UK at Silverstone and internationally. In 2012 the team placed 4th in the UK Universities competition at Silverstone, including a 1st place win in one of the events. For further information about Formula Student visit http://www.formulastudent.com/

The latest Lee Spring catalogue, which is available to download from the website, features a range of stock spring designs, including 2,000 recently added metric sizes. For more information visit www.leespring.co.uk or call 44 (0)118 978 1800. 

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